New study published on IEEE Explore Sensors journal (Validating commercial wearable sensors for running gait parameters estimation). TgForce was one of the five running sensors tested.

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Interesting excerpts from the study:
“However, TgForce was the only wearable sensor to be valid (r>0.70) in estimating IVLR (instantaneous vertical loading rate).”

“Between the five sensors tested in this study, potential buyers aiming to monitor VLR (Vertical Loading Rate) should choose TgForce (TgForce_Z) to get the best estimates (with a tight attachment).”

The full study (early access) is available at this URL:

P. d. F. B, R. JS, D. B, B. L and E. JF, “Validating commercial wearable sensors for running gait parameters estimation,” in
IEEE Sensors Journal, doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.2982568.