TgForce How To, Step by Step





Download TgForce 3D App and fully charge the sensor.

The TgForce 3D App can be downloaded from the AppStore. It is available for iPhone, iPod 6 and iPad with iOS 11+. Make sure you have the latest release (4.3). Charge the sensor using the supplied USB cable. The sensor light will be orange when charging and will turn off when charging is complete.

tgforce unit connect bluetooth iphone

Connect to the Companion TgForce 3D App

Shake the sensor until the light turns red or blue. If the sensor flashes blue when gently tapping it, you are good to go. Otherwise, create a pairing with the sensor using the settings tab. The wireless indicator turns green when pairing has been successfully completed. 

Attach the TgForce 3D sensor

For accurate measurement, the sensor must be attached to the anteromedial aspect of the distal tibia (in front and toward the middle of the lower extremity).

Use the provided Velcro band. There are alternative methods to install the sensor, see the user guide.

The charging hole must be downward.



Tgforce unit install Tibia


Start running

Push the start button on the App and start running. You should see Impact data being received and displayed. If Audio feedback is activated (in the Settings menu), you will be notified in your earphone if the impact level is above the gMax threshold.

You can adjust the gMax threshold in the Settings menu.

The TgForce 3D App can run in background mode, therefore you can use it while listening to music.

The sensor records every step. You can also run without the iPhone and retrieve the data after the session.



Once the running session is over, you can select the History Tab and review all the sessions recorded. You can evaluate the latest 1000 steps of each session on a chart or export the data to iCloud for analysis in a third party software. The chart provides impact data for all axis and the 3D vector.





More information & customization

The TgForce 3D App provides multiple features for customization. You should read the User Guide to get familiar with all the options.

  • Fine tuning using sensor threshold
  • Retrieve data from the sensor when running without the iOS device
  • Display data from individual acceleration axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Configure multiple users
  • Export Data to iCloud folder


TgForce 3D User Guide v2.4

User guide TgForce