Sensor Features & Specifications


Mobile Platform

  • iOS 11.0+ (iPhone 5S+, iPod Touch 6, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad Mini)


  • Wireless compatible with iOS 11+
  • LED for operational status


  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • USB recharging


  • High speed triaxial accelerometer
  • Sampling rate: 1600Hz on each axis
  • Sensor memory capacity: 30 000 steps
  • Impact measurement: Up to 24g

Dimension & Weight

  • 5cm X 2cm X 1.1cm (1.9 in X 0.8 in X .4 in)
  • 9 grams (0.31 oz)

Enclosure & Attachment

  • Rounded enclosure for easy attachment to the distal anteromedial surface of the tibia.
  • Velcrotm band provided


TgForce Kit

TgForce 3D Companion App Features

Mobile Platform

  • iOS 11.0+ (iPhone 5S+, iPod Touch 6, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad Mini)

Display Features

  • Real time update of the PPA (Peak Positive Acceleration)
  • Cadence Calculation (Number of steps per minute)
  • Number of steps
  • Elapsed time
  • Average PPA for the session
  • Display X, Y, Z axis or 3D acceleration 

Selectable gMax value

  • Notification (visual and audible) when impact exceeds the gMax value

Audio Feedback

  • Audio Feedback can be activated while listening to music.

Visual Feedback

  • Display actual Impact value and graphic update
  • Color change (red) when impact exceed gMax

Export Feature

  • Export all steps from a running session to iCloud folder
  • Format is CSV with PPA (x, y, z & 3D), cadence, steps, and time

Review Chart

  • Display last 1000 steps with PPA and Cadence for any axis
  • Chart is zoomable and scrollable

Advanced Sensor Settings

  • Define minimum impact (g) for detection


  • Can define multiple users 
  • App retains running data and settings for each user