Kelsec is a Montreal-Based innovator in the field of embedded wireless technology. Bringing innovations out of the laboratory for serious sport and healthcare professionals is our mission.

We believe that gaining access to accurate information is key to better performance. It’s the guiding principle behind our work, and reinforces our belief that the best technology helps you make sound decisions.

At Kelsec, we think that an affordable, lightweight, wireless tibial impact sensor for runners is a long overdue application. After months of development, we are finally making it available to all serious runners and professionals.



Gerald Plamondon, P.Eng

Gerald is a professional engineer in applied physics. For most of his career, he has been involved in the design of wireless sensors for sporting activities and biometric applications. A former adventure racer with numerous participations in high profile races, Gerald has been running and training for quite a while now.




Julie Gauthier, M. Sc. (Applied Physics)

Julie has extensive experience in signal processing and filter design. When she is not teaching Physics and Physical rehabilitation at Montmorency College, Julie is involved in the electrical engineering of sensor design.



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