TgForce Impact sensor for running

TgForce 3D - Impact Running Sensor

Find out & keep track of ground reaction forces

Tibial Shock Real Time Feedback

  • Monitoring impact level (Pavement – Trail – Treadmill)
  • Reduction of impact loading through gait retraining
  • Evaluate running shoes impact absorption characteristics at the tibia.
  • Ground reaction forces assessment

Runners know how common overuse injuries can be. The new TgForce 3D sensor and its associated App provide the following features:

  • 3D Peak Positive Acceleration of the tibia while running
  • Impact information in real time through visual or audio feedback
  • Real time tibial shock & cadence data for evaluating and transitioning to a lower impact running gait
  • Charts and Exportable data for further analysis
  • A lightweight wireless sensor
  • Free TgForce 3D companion App available on the iTunes App store
TgForce Unit with iPhone 5 App
TgForce installation

gMax Threshold

Set a specific maximum g threshold  (the gMax), and the App will let you know immediately if you exceed it while running.

  • Treadmill Running? Try using the Visual Feedback on your iPhone or iPad
  • Outside on the track? Use the Audio feedback (while listening to your favorite music)
  • Monitor impact level by checking data recorded in  the sensor

The Latest in Sensor Technology

While other running technologies provide sensors attached to your shoes, the wireless TgForce 3D sensor is meant to be attached directly to your body (the anteromedial aspect of the distal tibia).

This is the method used by multiple scientific studies, and it assures you are obtaining meaningful impact data.

It has been demonstrated that Peak Tibial Acceleration is strongly correlated to vertical force loading rates. Reducing lower extremity loading may help in preventing a tibial stress fracture. An independent study has shown that TgForce data is strongly correlated with vertical loading rate (IEEE Sensors Journal).

The wearable sensor records all steps and provides impact data in real time. You are free to review the data at a later time, but you’ll obtain greater benefits if the data is immediately delivered.

The new TgForce 3D sensor is lighter and sports new features for comprehensive analysis

iphone landscape with review

Compare and review how cadence and impact are related using the Graphic Analysis View

iphone settings tgforce

Features for Professionals and Serious Runners

  • Peak Positive Acceleration (PPA) of the tibia, in g unit (gravity unit).
  • Triaxial sensor, provides X, Y , Z and vector (3D) acceleration data
  • Cadence – Number of steps per minute.
  • Number of footsteps
  • Elapsed Time
  • Recording of all steps in sensor memory
  • Fine tuning through advanced settings
  • Export raw data to iCloud for further analysis
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    • Transition to lower impact running

    • Gait evaluation and retraining

    • Injury prevention (Shin splint, medial tibial stress syndrome)

    • Running shoe comparison

    • Ground reaction forces evaluation



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