TgForce How To, Step by Step





1. Make sure the sensor is fully charged.

Connect the USB charging cable. The indicator light will be orange when charging and will turn off when fully charged.

charging tgforce sensor
tgforce unit connect bluetooth iphone

2. Connect to the Companion App

Begin by connecting the TgForce sensor to the companion App on your mobile device via Bluetooth. The sensor wakes up when it feels movement (The indicator light will flash red 5 times).


Start the TgForce App and you should see the sensor indicator light flashing blue 5 times to indicate successful pairing. 

3. Attach the TgForce sensor

For accurate measurement, the sensor must be attached to the anteromedial aspect of the distal tibia
(in front and toward the middle of the lower extremity).

Important: The Visual indicator must be on top; the charging hole must be downward.



Tgforce unit install Tibia


4. Push the Start button, Run

Push the Start button on the app. Once you start running, you should see Impact Data being received and displayed.

If Audio feedback is activated (in the Settings menu), you will be notified in your earphone if the impact level is above the gMax threshold.

You can adjust the gMax threshold in the Settings menu


5. Want to know more?

Download the user guide (adobe .pdf format) or watch the YouTube video (Running on treadmill and keeping impact level below set threshold)


User guide TgForce